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GTA - Chartered Surveyors & Engineers

Chartered Engineers &  Providers of Expert Structural Reports


Structural Calculations & Steel & Timber Beam Design

Need structural calculations and timber or steel beam design? - Let our engineers do the math!

Structural Calculations Services - Quote Me

Need a Chartered Engineer or Surveyor to inspect or look at any suspect structures? Our team have a wealth of experience in looking at a range of structures, both commercial and residential. From houses, offices, industrial buildings, retaining walls, bridges and boundary walls. We are here to help by undertaking an inspection and report on any structural defect analysis and inspection. We have experience in dealing with insurance claims and provide expert reports and independent advice where required including steel and timber beam calculations for new openings and alterations to existing structures.

Steel Beam Design Services  - Quote Me

Our Chartered engineers offer a complete structural monitoring service for householders or insurance companies. This includes the installation of either electronic or manual tell tales and subsequent monitoring. Measuring micro movement in concrete, brickwork, blockwork and other structures. The frequency of which will depend on the level and risk associated with the structure. Following a structural inspection we would make the appropriate recommendation in accordance with relevant guidance in order to determine a pattern of behaviour specifying any remedial works. 

Please call or email us for any further information 

Call : 01580 752109 or Email : [email protected]

Our professional staff are registered, qualified and regulated by the Chartered Institute of Building so you can be assured that the services they provide are to a professional standard and are only undertaken by qualified professionals. We are also celebrating 25+ years of individual experience in the built environment.

Our professional Engineers are also registered Chartered Building Engineer's with a wealth of experience in building engineering. Their professional services are regulated by the Chartered Association of Building Engineers to ensure piece of mind knowing that they have extensive qualifications and expertise in their respective fields.