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GTA - Chartered Surveyors & Engineers

Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Engineers &  Providers of Expert RICS Roof Survey Reports


RICS Qualified High level CCTV Surveys & Reports  

We have the experts on hand with the latest technology - No scaffold required saving costs!

High level Drone Survey Reports - Quote Me

This is the most popular and economical method of roof survey as our equipment can reach hard to access areas such as deep valleys or chimney flashing. There is no need for expensive scaffolding or the inconvenience and expense cherry pickers and fall restraint systems. Our equipment is top of the range with a x10 zoom lens 360 degree swivel head, wide angle lens and OIS capability. An RICS qualified surveyor carry out an on site risk assessment and will use appropriate PPE and barriers in public areas. We guarantee your survey will be carried out by qualified professional RICS surveyors.

RICS High level Inspection Report - Quote Me

With the ability to take both photo and video footage of the survey area, with zoom capability. We can provide detailed reports on the condition of any high level area with annotation where required. Reports include RICS BCIS costs for repair or replacement of the areas in question to enable you to consider the implications and urgency of repair. We can also investigate and report on defective repairs after scaffold has been struck.  Our equipment is not weather dependant like a drone and has the ability to give steady static pictures in a safe and inexpensive way. Call our team for a survey quote and scheduling of your inspection or simply for advice and recommendation. 

With high level capability film and photography we can undertake a number of angles and shots up to 10m in height. Our teams have undertaken a number of developer surveys and non-intrusive inspections to prevent inconvenience to occupiers and site owners. With short set up times and comprehensive results. 

Our inspections can also be undertaken in any high level areas which require investigation such as shopping mall atriums, swimming pool internal roof areas and cantilever roofing to train stations and industrial and commercial  sites. Fully qualified and trained surveyors can undertake economical solutions and defect analysis. 

Please call or email us for any further information 

Call : 01580 752109 or Email : [email protected]

What our customers & client's are saying

Competitive price, very helpful. His findings saved me a huge amount of money. Highly recommend.

 Local surveyors direct client feedback - August 2019

Our professional staff are registered, qualified and regulated by the Chartered Institute of Building so you can be assured that the services they provide are to a professional standard and are only undertaken by qualified professionals. We are also celebrating 25+ years of individual experience in the built environment.

Our professional Engineers are also registered Chartered Building Engineer's with a wealth of experience in building engineering. Their professional services are regulated by the Chartered Association of Building Engineers to ensure piece of mind knowing that they have extensive qualifications and expertise in their respective fields.