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GTA - Chartered Surveyors & Engineers

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RICS Independent & Impartial Timber & Damp Survey Reports

Rising damp fact for fiction? Wet Rot? Dry Rot? Condensation or cold bridging?

Rising Damp Fact or Fiction?

There are a lot of myths associated with rising damp and the works associated with it. Our experience, backed up by significant industry and academic research suggests that rising damp is not what the industry perceives it to be? GTA's professional teams can often save clients thousands of pounds and in nine out of ten cases the defects related to the damp are caused by other contributory factors? Let GTA detect and resolve you issue. Quote Me

Condensation & Cold Bridging 

Damp and mould can often be a real problem. Here at GTA we look to get right to the heart of the problem to resolve your issues from the source of the problem. We can investigate mould and damp or penetrating dampness and make appropriate remedial repair specification or reports for legal or court action. Condensation and cold bridging can be very technical to determine the exact nature and extent of the problem. Quote Me

Dampness in Buildings Explained 

Damp in buildings is not uncommon and can be found in commercial property, residential property and industrial sites. Left undetected and unresolved it can cause much more deterioration and damage. It is important to ensure that the correct measures are taken to resolve any damp issue and that these are determined and corrected as quickly as possible. We use a range of British Standard and good practice guides to provide a professional and comprehensive RICS report. Quote Me

Root Cause Analysis?

With any dampness, water ingress or condensation issue it is really important to address the root cause of the issue. Condensation and mould issues can be complex and can often be a combination of issues related to the building and lifestyle. Our teams use thermal hygrometers, or hot dogs as they are often know. Essentially, these are data loggers which we place in your home or site and they record relative humidity, temperature and conditions. These help us to tackle the problem of condensation with facts. Quote Me

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Our professional staff are registered qualified and regulated by the RICS & CIOB so you can be assured that the services they provide are to a professional standard and are only undertaken by qualified professionals. We are also celebrating 25+ years of individual experience in the built environment.

Our professional Engineers are also registered Chartered Building Engineer's with a wealth of experience in building engineering. Their professional services are regulated by the Chartered Association of Building Engineers to ensure piece of mind knowing that they have extensive qualifications and expertise in their respective fields.